Chris Barber MBE FRGS is well known for his illustrated lectures which he has given to a wide variety of audiences over many years. His enjoyable presentations are well remembered for beautiful photography and are generally about 60 to 5 minutes in duration. Choose a lecture and contact Chris Barber to book a date and discuss the fee. (01873 856114)

The Fair Land of Gwent

Gwent is a land of history and legend with a wealth of prehistoric sites, Norman Castles, ancient churches, historic houses, industrial heritage and scenic beauty. Chris Barber’s knowledge of this ancient kingdom is very extensive, and his assion for this beautiful area is complemented by his photography.

A Tribute to Fred Hando

Fred Hando, a once popular artist/historian spent much of his life exploring and recording the history of Gwent. In his youth Chris Barber accompanied him on many of his travels and was much influenced by the experience. This presentation will take you on a fascinating journey which recaptures the spirit of times now remembered with nostalgia and delight.

How well do you know Monmouthshire?

Chris Barber uses his photographic skills to invite audience participation in a fascinating quiz, which provides a special opportunity for people to share their knowledge of the many antiquities, beautiful landscape and folklore of this stunning county. It will be an entertaining and lively event.

William Coxe’s Tour of Monmouthshire

In 1799/1800 William Coxe undertook a historical tour of Monmouthshire and it was detailed in a ground-breaking book published in 1801. He was accompanied by his friend, Sir Richard Colt Hoare, who produced a very fine set of drawings which were used to illustrate the book. Chris Barber’s introduction and audio visual presentation provides a fascinating account of the journey described by William Coxe and portrayed by his very talented artist friend.

Abergavenny – Historic Market Town

Richly illustrated with pictures from the past and present, this lecture tells the story of Abergavenny, from Roman times to the present day. Chris Barber provides a comprehensive history of this historic town, which is widely known as ‘The  Gateway to Wales’.

Exploring Hill’s Tramroad

The story of this early transport route which was established by the Blaenavon Ironmaster, Thomas Hill, is extraordinary. It enabled horse drawn trams loaded with pig iron, coal and limestone to be taken on a dramatic journey around the Blorenge Mountain, and down a series of inclines to arrive at LLanfoist Wharf on the Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal, where narrow boats were waiting to begin a two day journey to Newport Docks.

A Tribute to Alexander Cordell

In this lectureChris Barber pays tribute to the writer Alexander Cordell who wrote the best selling novel Rape of the Fair Country. As a personal friend of Cordell, Chris has a very special knowledge of the background to that novel and also the ones that followed such as The Hosts of Rebecca, Song of the Earth and This Proud and Savage Land.

Walking the Beacons Way

The Beacons Way is a 95 mile walking trail across the Brecon Beacons National Park, which has some of the most varied and beautiful upland landscapes in Great Britain. Chris Barber was involved in the creation of this route in 2005 and knows it intimately. He describes the many places of interest, history, legends and scenery which makes this challenging route so special.

Exploring Kilvert Country

This talk relates to the famous diary of the Reverend Francis Kilvert which was written in the 1870s. Chris Barber takes you on a romantic journey in the footsteps of this Victorian Curate into the remote countryside of Radnorshire, the Black Mountains and the beautiful Wye Valley.

In Search of Owain Glyndwr

Owain Glyndwr was one of the greatest patriots that Wales has ever known, and his very name has become a symbol of pride and freedom. He was a man of wealth and noble birth, who sacrificed everything for a dream. The exciting story of his bold uprising, which began in 1400, is told in this exciting and richly illustrated presentation.

In search of King Arthur

This intriguing presentation is the result of more than 20 years research by Chris Barber and his co-author, David Pykitt. It is a fascinating work of historical detection in which a solution to one of the greatest mysteries in the world is  revealed. Without doubt this is the most convincing account of the story of King Arthur that has ever been compiled.

Roaming with a Camera in the Brecon Beacons National Park

A personal appreciation of the scenery, legends and history of the Brecon Beacons National Park. Chris Barber takes you on a journey into the mysterious Black Mountains, the high summits of the Brecon Beacons, the beautiful Waterfall Country, the lonely moorland of Fforest Fawr and the remote Carmarthen Fans.

Chris Barber has given lectures to a wide variety of audiences which include: Local History Societies, Public Libraries, Literary Festivals, Walking Clubs, Photographic Societies, Rotary Clubs, Probus Societies, U3A Groups, Civic Societies and Womens’ Institutes etc.

Poetry Readings by Anne Marie Barber

Anne Marie Barber has written two poetry books (Collected Poems and Collected Poems Volume Two). From a total of one hundred poems she has a very varied selection for reading. Her poetry has been very well received and appreciated in various publications such as magazines and newspapers. As the wife of Chris Barber some of the poetry has been about the landscapes which are often the subject of his talks as described above. Telephone: 01873 856114.


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Hando’s Gwent (Volume I) (Reprinted and available)
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The Ancient Stones of Wales (Jointly with John Williams) (Now out of print)
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Journey to Avalon (Jointly with David Pykitt) (Republished by Samuel Weiser)
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